On Campus Housing Options

The college recognizes an obligation to provide comfortable, modern housing facilities where students can further their educational development through social interaction with fellow students. These facilities are available at a reasonable cost to all students.

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The Dorms

The dorms are shared units for 2 students. There is a Men’s hall and a Women’s hall with secure entrances. Students share a common lobby area with vending machines and laundry facilities are also available. Students have access to a computer lab located at the dorms. All rooms and lobby have Wi-Fi access. Students living in the dorm are required to be on a meal plan.

The Apartments

The apartments have two bedrooms and one bathroom with a full kitchen and living room area. Apartments are for married couples with or without children, single parents with children, or students with special needs. Laundry facilities are available. All apartments have Wi-Fi access.

The Village

The Village housing offers two bedroom and one bathroom with double sinks and a full kitchen and living room. Apartments are for married couples with or without children, single parents with children, or students with special needs. Laundry facilities are available. Each unit has Wi-Fi access.

Residential hall living provides the student the opportunity to further individual educational development through social interaction with fellow students.  The college maintains residence halls in the belief that the experience in group living and self-discipline will afford a wholesome atmosphere or setting to contribute to academic achievement and to help materially in the development of a mature responsible person.
The welfare of all students living in the residence halls make it necessary for each individual to observe those principles generally accepted as proper for group living.

Students who live in the dormitory are required to purchase a meal plan.  Students requiring a special diet must take a physician-prescribed food list to the Director of Food Service to determine if the cafeteria can provide meals within the diet.

A person must be officially enrolled in order to live in the residence halls.  SWCD students taking less than nine hours who wish to live in the dorm must discuss this with the Dean of Student Services at SWCD.

Students taking nine or more hours are required to live in college residence halls unless they meet one of the following exceptions:

  • Completed 30 or more semester hours of post-secondary education 
  • Living with blood relative 
  • Married 
  • Job requires you to live at place of employment 
  • Health or emotional reasons (students must have written verification from an American Physician) 
  • Housing is filled 
  • 21 years of age or older 
  • Extenuating circumstances, which would result in extreme hardship for the student to live in a residence hall (Assistant Dean of Students (HC) or the Dean of Student Services of SWCD, must review the situation) 
  • Permission from the SWCD Dean of Student Services is required for students who want to reside in the dormitory for the third year to complete their studies.

The student leases a space in the residence hall for the academic year (9 months).  Residence hall rent does not include intervals between Spring and Fall semesters, the Thanksgiving holidays, Christmas holidays, and Spring Break.  The residence halls are closed and may not be occupied during these intervals.

The contract period for students entering the college after the beginning of a semester will be for the remainder of the nine months (academic year).  Once a student has registered and paid the room rent for the semester, and later withdraws, the room rent is not refundable.

An application for a room reservation may be secured by sending a request to the Dean of Student Services. Upon completion of the application, the student must return the application with a $100.00 room deposit. Students are encouraged to reserve a room as early as possible since residence hall space and community housing are limited. The last date for a residence hall deposit refund is July 15. After this date, cancellation of a dorm reservation will result in forfeiture of the room deposit. Reservations will be accepted after the refund date with the understanding that the dorm deposit is forfeited. All unclaimed spaces in the rooms of the residence halls will be declared vacant at 8:00 a.m. on the first day of classes.

The $100.00 room deposit serves as a reservation fee and a residence hall property deposit. Any damage or shortage at the time the resident vacates the residence hall will be deducted from the deposit. The deposit may be returned to the resident after vacating the hall if: (1) the reservation contract is canceled before the final date for cancellation; (2) the resident involuntarily withdraws from the college for reasons of health or circumstances beyond his/her control; or (3) the resident officially checks out of the residence hall with the approval of the residence hall director. To obtain the deposit, the student must contact the business office.

ROOMMATES: Roommates will be assigned by college officials. Whenever possible, consideration is given to student roommate preferences. When available, students can request private rooms at a  additional costs.

FURNISHINGS: Room furnishings in dormitories include beds, mattresses, chairs, study table, medicine cabinet, mirror, book shelves, telephone and TV cable hookups, individual closets, and storage compartments under the bed.  Students are expected to furnish their own personal effects, including sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets, bed spreads, towels, soaps, brooms, and mops, etc.  Automatic washers and dryers are available in dormitories.  Students must furnish their own telephone and TDD’s for their rooms.  Student must have a calling card or long distance card to obtain Long Distance Service.  Only local service is available.

HOUSING POLICIES: All students are responsible for reading and understanding the on-campus housing policies which are listed in the Student Handbook and the Residence Hall Supplement.

PARKING REGULATIONS: It is the responsibility of each student to become familiar with the parking and traffic regulations in the Student Handbook. Cars will be towed at the owner’s expense.

RESIDENCE HALL CLOSURE: Residence halls will be closed during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays as well as Spring and Summer breaks.

Since many students take classes at both Howard College and SWCD, transportation between campuses is provided by a shuttle service. Airport shuttle service is provided for new students when they arrive at SWCD as a new student. It is the responsibility of the students to find their own transportation to airport during holidays and spring break.

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