To be a leader in education…for learning, for earning, for life!


As one unified district, Howard College builds communities through quality, innovative education for lifelong learning.

Howard College primarily serves the communities of its taxing district of Howard County and the twelve other counties in its service area (Coke, Kimble, Martin, Concho, Menard, Dawson, Schleicher, Glasscock, Sterling, Irion, Sutton, Tom Green) as well as the deaf and hard-of-hearing community in its state-legislated responsibility for the SouthWest College for the Deaf.  Students who choose to attend the college district from places outside of the taxing district and service area are integrated into the college community.  Howard College offers career technical/workforce and academic courses for certificates and associate degrees, continuing education, remedial and compensatory education consistent with open-admission policies.  Appropriate student services are also provided.  Howard College strives to enhance economic, community, cultural, and personal development across the service area through appropriate partnerships and services in meeting its public service mission.  As a community college, research is not included in the mission of Howard College.  However, exploration of innovative teaching and student development practices to enhance learning is supported and expected.


An institution working together to:

  • Focus on those we serve;
  • Provide quality innovative instruction and services leading to successful outcomes;
  • Utilize effective and efficient processes, policies and procedures;
  • Build a culture of personal and institutional integrity and accountability;
  • Foster an environment of high academic standards, exceptional performance and service by all;
  • Value the individual employee.


Howard College … for Learning, for Earning, for Life!