Howard College Partners with DigiTex


 (Formerly the Virtual College of Texas)

Howard College is partnering with DigiTex, formerly known as the Virtual College of Texas or “VCT.” 

What’s DigiTex? 

As with the former Virtual College of Texas, DigiTex (DTX) is a consortium of Texas community colleges who collaborate to offer online courses to college students in Texas.  If you need a course that HC isn’t offering, we will partner with DTX to deliver the course you need, when you need it.

Will my tuition and fees be the same as with my other online courses at HC?

The tuition and fees for courses taken for credit through the DTX consortium are the same as a student would pay for similar online courses at HC, except students will be charged an additional $50 DTX fee for each course taken through the DigiTex college consortium. 

Will the DTX course be on my HC transcript? 

Credit for DTX courses will be listed on the student’s HC transcript.

Contact your HC advisor today to request your DTX course enrollment.