Fall 2020 FAQs

Information about the start of the Fall 2020 semester can also be found on the updates page.

All classes will still begin on August 17, 2020 and will conclude with final exams November 20-24. With few exceptions, the face to face courses on the schedule will begin in a virtual/remote mode, mostly through Zoom. Online courses will continue as scheduled with no changes.

Exceptions to the virtual course status are some health profession courses, some career technical education courses, and the first-year experience LEADS courses. Information regarding instruction mode for each class will be shared with students through Blackboard, the college’s learning management system.

Students will be checking into the dorms beginning August 14th and the staggered move-in will continue through September 13th. Students who plan to live on campus must schedule a check-in date/time according to pre-designated groups. All students who have been accepted into the dorms are receiving separate communication regarding their group dates and how to schedule a check-in time.

Hawk COVID-19 Safety Plan

The NJCAA has postponed the majority of athletic competitions to the spring but is allowing teams to practice within certain guidelines. https://www.njcaa.org/general/2019-20/releases/20200713l9o7t8

All Hawk coaches are communicating directly with their student athletes and we look forward to seeing our Hawks on the court/field in Spring 2021.

Student athletes are being allowed to live on campus and have scheduled move-in dates so that they can be on campus prior to their planned practice start dates.

Yes, students will be able to eat in the cafeteria. Our food service contractor, Great Western Dining, is making arrangements for serving meals through the serving line and will have a modified salad bar to provide serving as well. Take-out food packaging will be available if students choose to take their food and eat in their room. Dining space is established to allow for social distancing.

Masks will be required when entering the cafeteria and while in line. Individuals will not be required to wear the mask while seated to eat.

Yes, the bookstore will be open with normal business hours on each campus. If students are not able to come to campus prior to the start of classes, instructors will be flexible with course readings and will attempt to access the information in a digital format. Textbooks and other usual supplies will continue to be available in each bookstore.

Please utilize our technology needs reporting form to let us know if you are having technology issues. Our staff will do everything we can to assist you and make sure you can access your classes.

A student who is demonstrating symptoms or has exposed contact with someone who has a confirmed case, can choose to go home if it is safe to do so or they may get tested at a local medical facility for COVID 19.  Please confer with your campus student services leader for more information concerning testing. The student would quarantine in their room until they received a result. Based on results, Residence Life staff will work with their student and their family according to our isolation/quarantine plan.

Yes, the college has developed a plan and designated apartments on the SouthWest College for the Deaf campus that will be made available for students that need to isolate or quarantine. Meals and transportation will be provided for students. Students in isolation or quarantine will also have access to outdoor space and yet will remain away from other students. Residence Life staff will remain in virtual contact with the students on a regular schedule. Students will have the option to return to their home for isolation or quarantine if they so choose.

In order to reduce risk to the HC/SWCD community, we ask students to limit travel out of Big Spring and off campus. Students are required to notify Residence Life staff if they travel out of Big Spring.

We do not have any Fine Arts productions planned for the Fall20 semester.

Big Spring Announcements

Campus Tour Request
If you would like to schedule a campus tour, please submit a request . Our Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator will work with you to get you on the schedule!
Request a Tour
Health Services
Together in partnership, Howard College and Family Medical Center (432-267-5531) are providing HC and SWCD students access to quality healthcare. For those students who do not have health insurance, a $30 physician fee per visit will be charged (x-ray, laboratory, shots and other ancillary testing fees will be extra). The student will have to pay the physician fee and any applicable fees at the time of the visit. Students who have health insurance will be required to pay the co-pay payment as specified by their respective insurance company.
Student ID's
Get students ID cards (myHC card) at the Dean of Student Services office in the Student Union Building (SUB) Monday-Thursday 8am to 5pm and 8am to 3pm on Fridays. Office may be closed daily during lunch from 12pm-1pm. Bring a copy of your current schedule and a photo ID. Appointments can be made by contacting Janna Howard via email jkanderson@howardcollege.edu or phone: (432) 264-5028.
Lost and Found
If you are looking for a lost item, or turning in a found one, stop by the Dean of Student Services Office in the Student Union Building (SUB) Monday-Thursday 8am to 5pm and 8am to 3pm on Fridays. Office may be closed daily during lunch from 12pm-1pm.

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