Howard College believes that education is the primary purpose of the institution and that the programs and services of the college should be available to all citizens who are able to benefit from them.  The college is committed to excellence in carrying out its purpose of education and in the efficient and effective use of its resources in meeting the educational needs of its students and the community.

The college seeks to treat each person of the college community as a unique individual and provide a positive, encouraging, and success-oriented environment.  As we make every effort to help our students reach their maximum potential, we are integrating core concepts of critical thinking into our daily business and our classrooms.  We are striving to be a beacon of education and life-long learning by thinking, teaching and acting with purpose, skill and confidence.

Our service area includes 13 counties and hosts 29 independent school districts – proof that we touch many lives, both young and old, in our efforts to provide a top quality higher education option in West Texas. We have varied educational opportunities available to meet the ever-changing needs of all learners through our four campuses:  Big Spring, Lamesa, San Angelo and Southwest College for the Deaf (SWCD).

Our top rate faculty and staff are eager to help all learners reach their educational goals, whatever they may be.  Howard College offers basic core or occupation-specific classes for students who want to begin or rekindle their higher education experience. Still other classes are available for professionals wanting to sharpen their skills or possibly make a career change.

It is the policy of Howard College to adhere to the highest ethical standards in carrying out its mission within the spirit and letter of federal law and regulations, state law and regulations, local ordinances, national and regional accrediting regulations, and the policies of the college district.  Howard College accepts its responsibilities to those it serves and will meet those responsibilities with balance, fairness, accountability, and ethical integrity.