A Fast Track to Your Teaching Career


Howard College and TechTeach Across Texas can help you progress from an associate to a bachelor’s degree in a single year while earning your teacher certification. The program not only gets you in the classroom faster, but it also prepares you with a full year of hands-on experience and frequent certification exam practice. 

TechTeach at Howard College is the result of a partnership between Howard College and Texas Tech University.

Benefits of TechTeach at Howard College

  • Stay in your community and take your upper-level college courses online
  • Begin working in local classrooms your first semester at Tech
  • Finish your Texas Tech bachelors degree requirements in one year

How it Works

  • Complete an Associate of Arts in Teaching at Howard College + 6 hours in GEOG & HIST
  • Transfer to Texas Tech University and complete 1 year of online upper-level college courses to complete the Bachelors Degree
  • Student teach in your local ISD during your year at TTU
  • Pass the Teachers Certification Test

For more information


Contact – Bryan Stokes

District Director of Student Support / Title V Grant PASS Coordinator & Activity Director