The Howard County Junior College District (HCJCD) is committed to fostering a healthy and safe environment. HCJCD supports a culture that does not tolerate sexual discrimination, including sexual violence, and sexual harassment in any form. HCJCD community has a collective obligation, to responsibly address all forms of sexual misconduct, and to provide resources and information on how to report.

Any HCJCD student or employee who experiences, witnesses or is otherwise affected by any form of sexual misconduct will have equal access to support and counseling services through HCJCD, including supportive measures and resources.

Additionally, HCJCD strongly encourages individuals to report incidents of sex and/or gender discrimination to the proper authority. HCJCD recognizes, however, that the decision to report can be difficult. Individuals who are considering whether to report are strongly encouraged to seek the support of confidential campus and community resources, as provided. HCJCD has licensed professional counselors at the Big Spring and San Angelo campuses as well as online counseling assistance available for all students, or through the employee’s insurance. These support resources are available regardless of when or where the incident occurred. HCJCD may take disciplinary action in response to incidents that take place during official functions of HCJCD, or functions sponsored by student organizations, or incidents that have substantial connection to HCJCD regardless of the location of the occurrence.

There are many resources available on campus and in the surrounding community. The information contained in our handbooks is updated annually. Keep in mind that the information you provide to confidential resource locations, that are provided to you by law, cannot share information without the consent of the individual seeking assistance (in most circumstances).

See Employee and Student Handbooks for our full policy and process for filing complaints and resources available.  –  Employee Handbook  –  Student Handbook