Fall 2021 FAQs

Information about the start of the Summer 2021 semester can also be found on the updates page.

Students will have the option of attending class on the Howard College Lamesa site or attending through Zoom on their personal laptop.  Class will be presented at the regularly scheduled time.

Please utilize our technology needs reporting form to let us know if you are having technology issues. Our staff will do everything we can to assist you and make sure you can access your classes.

Class will be presented at the regularly scheduled time.

Yes, the computer lab will be open during normal hours.  The lab has set up certain computers to be used to observe social distancing guidelines. 

Yes, the bookstore is open normal business hours on the Big Spring campus.  Students need to e-mail the bookstore at jspears@howardcollege.edu and provide their name, student ID and the classes they are taking including section number.

Howard College is no longer requiring the use of masks. We encourage each individual to review CDC guidelines and recommendations to make an informed decision that best suits their personal situation.

Yes, rooms will be sprayed between classes.  Wipes are also available if students prefer to wipe down their area before sitting down.

Yes, a table is set up by the front entrance.  Students are asked to hand sanitize, check their temperature and take a mask if they do not have their own.

Lamesa Announcements

Public WiFi
The Lamesa Campus has public WiFi available to students! Check with the office if you need help connecting.
Math Tutoring
Math tutoring is now available. See the office for details!

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