The purpose of the Facilities Master Plan is to provide a process for making informed decisions, enable Howard College to manage the future in an orderly fashion, and guide the physical evolution of the Howard College campuses. The capacity to manage vital information provides the ability to maximize choices. The master planning process engages, involves and energizes participants, builds consensus and provides a roadmap to the future growth of the college.

This plan is intended to ensure that Howard College will continue to develop functional and aesthetically pleasing campuses. The quality of the campus environment will continue to grow as an asset for attracting the best faculty, students, and staff; and thereby, complement the academic quality of Howard College. This plan is a working document designed to provide the framework for current and future development of the built environment for the college. It is the intent that this facility master plan will provide Howard College a roadmap for capital improvement projects over the next 20 years.

Howard College Facility Master Plan