Specific welding courses available. See the current courses listed below for details.
Medication Aide
Certification courses are now posted on the calendar
Truck Driving
CDL Courses Starting Soon
Certified Nurse Aide
Many dates available. Take a look at the current schedule.

The Workforce Training Division focuses on work-related training.  It seeks to improve the skills needed in the local labor force by working with businesses and industries to identify and then design and deliver training to meet their specific requirements.  It also provides training opportunities for individuals seeking to improve their workplace skills or attain new qualifying skills where a change of career is desired.  The division assists businesses and industries who may need help identifying funding resources for training needs, writes grants to secure such funding, and administers grants when received. For your specialized training needs, please contact Workforce Training

(432) 264-5131

CPR HeartSaver

CPR Instructor

CPR for Healthcare Providers

Fabian Serrano
Workforce & Community Development Officer
(432) 264-5077

Courtney Burgans
Assistant to Director of Workforce Training
(432) 264-5131

Idona Reid
Coordinator of Prison Programs
(432) 264-5130

There may be financial assistance available for workforce training programs. Please check back soon. This information is being updated for Fall 2018


Situation *Refund %
Prior to 1st Scheduled Class Meeting100%
If Course is Cancelled by the College.100%
For a Course Meeting More Than 3 Times 
(Except Prior to 1st Scheduled Class Meeting)
For a Course Meeting More Than 3 Times if 
After the 1st Class Meeting and Prior to the 2nd.
For a Course Meeting More than 3 Times if 
After the 2nd Class Meeting
* Note: Refunds normally take 3 to 5 weeks to be processed.