Test Center Hours
Fall / Spring –

Monday-Thursday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Summer –

Monday-Thursday: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Tests and Services Offered:
TxCHSE (GED), TCEQ, TEAS (Nursing or Allied Health), TSI,  PAN, Pearson VUE. Proctoring services are also available for outside institutions or agencies by appointment for a service charge of $15.00.

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Please direct all testing inquiries and requests to satesting@howardcollege.edu.  Michael Hemmeter, the Director of Student Support will be happy to assist you.

For additional information regarding the tests listed, select a section below.

Please direct all testing inquiries and requests to the San Angelo Campus / Testing Center Room SS-136 - Phone: (325) 481-8300 ext. 3405
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Info graphic about Remote TSI Testing

The Testing Center in San Angelo offers one version of the High School Equivalency exams, the GED®.  The GED® tests are offered year-round.  To register and schedule a test date, go to https://ged.com/ and set up your account. This website gives you access to study guides, test scores, test tips, testing center locations, test day schedules, and more.

If you do not have access to the internet and would like to register for the GED® test call (877) 392-6433. 

For help in preparing for the GED®, visit the Adult Education and Literacy page.

Computer-Based Testing for Occupational Licenses

Computer-Based Testing (CBT) offers:

  • Immediate test score and printed analysis
  • Immediate retest option as determined by the Test Center

Examinations currently available as a computer-based test

  • Customer Service Inspector
  • Landscape Irrigation Inspector and Technician (English only)
  • Municipal Solid Waste facility Supervisors Class A and Class B
  • OSSF Maintenance Provider
  • Wastewater Operators
    • Class B Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
    • Class C Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
    • Class D Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
    • Class I Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator
    • Water Operators
      • Class B and C Groundwater Operator
      • Class B and C Surface Water Operator
      • Class B and C Water Distribution Operator
      • Class D Water Operator
      • Water Treatment Specialists Class I, II, and III

**Pre-approval from TCEQ to take your licensure exam is required**

Upon receiving your approval letter from TCEQ to test you will need to:

  • Make an appointment with the Testing Center 24 hours in advance of the day you want to take the exam.
    • The Testing Center telephone # is (325) 481-8300, ext. 3405
    • TCEQ exams are given on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. 
  • Pay the proctoring fee to the Testing Center the day of your exam.
    • The fee to proctor this exam is $35.00.

(Test of Essential Academic Skills for Radiology and Respiratory Care)

Students applying for admission to the Radiologic Technology program or the Respiratory Care program are required to take the TEAS AH test. Students must register for the test online at www.atitesting.com.  NOTE: A 30-day interval is required for retaking the TEAS AH test. The TEAS AH test can only be taken 3 times per academic year.

(Test of Essential Academic Skills for VN and RN)

Students applying for admission to the Vocational Nursing program or the RN program are required to take the TEAS V test. Students must register online at www.atitesting.com.  NOTE: A 60-day interval is required for retaking the TEAS V test. The TEAS V test can only be taken 3 times per academic year.


An updated TSIA exam will launch on January 11, 2021. The TSIA2 will take the place of the current TSIA exam. If you meet the college readiness benchmarks with the current TSIA exam, the scores will be valid for five years from the date that you took the exam. The same will apply to the new TSIA2 exam. The TSIA2 will differ from the TSIA by having reading and writing combined into one section which will be called the English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) section.  The TSIA2 will still have an essay portion and the mathematics section. 

The Pre-Assessment (PAA) will still be required before taking the TSIA2.  On January 11, the new Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) will be updated for the new exam.  

College-Level Classes Taken Without Testing

If you were placed into college-level classes only without taking the TSIA due to COVID restrictions, you may be required to take the TSIA/TSIA2 before the start of the spring semester.

  • Students who passed the college-level classes do not have to take the TSIA.
  • Students who did not take a corequisite class and did not pass the college-level class will need to take the TSIA or TSIA2 before the start of the spring semester..

Please check with an advisor if you have questions.


The TSI Assessment test is designed to help determine your level of skill in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. It provides detailed information regarding your academic strengths and weaknesses.

The TSI tests are offered all year. They are done on a walk-in basis on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and by scheduled appointments on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays. To schedule an appointment during evening or weekend hours, a tester must come to the testing center to schedule, pick up a payment form, and then pay for the test(s). Cost for the tests are $12.00 per subject.  For more information, see the links below:


A MANDATORY Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) is required before you can test. The Pre-Assessment Activity consists of a Pre-Assessment Video and a Pre-Assessment Quiz. 

The PAA can and should be completed prior to arriving at the test center.

When you are ready to begin the PAA please visit howardcollege.edu/tsi-paa


TSI Informative Brochure
TSI Free Web-Based Study App 
TSI Sample Questions 
TSI WritePlacer Sample Essays

The Testing Center at Howard College in San Angelo offers test proctoring for students taking online courses. If not directed here by the instructor, each student should confirm the suitability of the Test Center with the instructor prior to scheduling an appointment.

Due to limited space and resources, testing at our facility will be available by reservations only, made by calling 325-481-8300 x 3405 or emailing satesting@howardcollege.edu.​

Availability is guaranteed after the student books an appointment. All students are required to schedule at least 24 hours before the desired time slot and are recommended to schedule earlier if availability is not flexible.

*Walk-ins are discouraged. Priority will be given to students with appointments. Those without appointments may not be accommodated.

All examinees will be required to present a non-expired state or federal government ID or a current school-issued ID prior to being admitted into the testing room.

No food, drink, personal electronic devices, or any other non-essential items are allowed in the testing room at any time. Any additional allowable resources permitted on the test are specified by the instructor, and students should be aware of what will be allowed.

The cost for testing is $15 per exam and must be paid in advance through the Business Office. The paid receipt must then be presented at time of testing.

 *This testing fee may be waived if the exam is for a Howard College course and the student is a registered Howard College student. Check with the center to see if this applies.

Note: ADA Accommodations requests must be approved first by the ADA Coordinator and then by the instructor before scheduling with the Testing Center. Any accommodations beyond additional time require special staffing and must be arranged well in advance. It is the student’s responsibility to make those arrangements in a timely fashion.