Texas Department of Transportation has notified Howard College that US Highway 67 will be closed for construction beginning December 5, 2019 (north bound) and December 6, 2019 (south bound). The traffic will be moved to the access roads with detour signs providing directions for traffic flow. This transition is being put in place so that work can begin on the overpass at Paulann Blvd. It is aniticipated that construction may take approximately 2 years or more.

What does this mean for students/faculty/staff?

You will need to follow signs directing you to the alternate route. There are approximately 3,000 vehicles a day that pass in front of the Howard College campus. Expect significant delays. Travel time may increase by at least 10-15 minutes due to traffic congestion and additional stop signs. We encourage everyone to slow down, allow plenty of extra time for your commute to campus and please be aware of detour signs and other drivers.

We appreciate your patience!