Howard College Students Participating in the Texas Two-Year College All-State Choir

For most of us, singing is something we do in our car when no one is watching. Yet for these students, it’s a passion. Four students from Howard College will be participating in the Texas Two-Year College All-State Choir (TTCASC); Avree Tubb, Bhili Gill, Evee Gutierrez, and Joy Rodriguez will travel to San Antonio in February to perform at the TMEA annual convention.

Getting selected to participate in the TTCASC is a great honor; in fact, this is the largest number of students Howard College has ever seen participate. Under the teachings of Choir Director Mark Watt, these four vocalists impressively learned six different selections of music. Some of these selections even required learning to sing in foreign languages, such as Latin and Xhosa. They will have the honor of singing under the direction of Dr. Eugene Rogers, a nationally recognized music conductor and two-time Michigan Emmy Award winner.

Congratulations to these talented and hard-working students!

Aeryn Hamblin – Student Diplomat and Writer

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