Howard College Associate Professor Receives Lindle Grigsby Leadership Award

Terri Nix, Howard College CTE Division Director and Business Chair, recently received the 2023 Lindle Grigsby Leadership Award from the Texas Association of College Technical Educators (TACTE). The leadership award was created in 2012 to recognize members that demonstrate outstanding leadership skills and dedication to the organization. The honor is awarded to one TACTE member each year that demonstrates initiative and competence in accomplishing the goals and tasks of career and technical education.

Terri Nix is a dedicated Howard College faculty member with 28 years of service to the district. She has served in various roles including Communications Director, Division Director, Dean of CTE, and faculty. She served on the TACTE Board from 2012-2016 and is currently the treasurer for the organization. In addition, Nix served on the WECM Committee and is a Workforce Education Curriculum Workshop Facilitator.

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