Health Professions Programs on the Big Spring campus of Howard College are:

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Licensed Vocational Nursing
  • Nursing
  • Transition (LVN to RN)


If you plan to major in Licensed Vocational Nursing, Nursing, or Transition (LVN to RN) at Howard College on the Big Spring Campus but have not been accepted yet, your pre-advisor will be Andi Schneider.  Please contact her at (432) 264-5070, or email at Her office is located at Horace Garret Center, room 210A. 

For Dental Hygiene contact Peggy Lee at (432) 264-5065, or email at, or her office is located at Horace Garret Center, room A14.


Once you have been accepted into one of the Health Professions Programs you will be assigned to a major advisor.

Belinda Lendermon — Dental Hygeine
(432) 264-5172
Horace Garrett Center 210A

Luci Gabehart — Nursing, Transition (LVN to RN)
(432) 264-5074 
Horace Garrett Center 210A

Natalie Franco — LVN
(432) 264-5136

Note:  If you plan to major in any Health Profession at another Howard College Campus or another institution but intend to do perquisites, please contact the Academic Advising / Career Center for guidance.

Health Professions Programs on the San Angelo campus of Howard College are:

  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Medical Assistant
  • Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN)
  • Generic Nursing (RN)
  • Transitional Nursing (LVN – RN)
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Respiratory Care
  • Surgical Technology
  • *Dental Hygiene prerequisites are offered on San Angelo campus – dental hygiene program is offered on Big Spring campus

For general information on Health Professions Programs contact the Academic Advising Department:

Fernando Urista, Academic Advisor can be reached at (325)481-8300, ext. 3238 or

Pam Gabriel, Academic Advisor can be reached at (325)481-8300, ext. 3269 or

Victoria Darnell, Director of Academic/CTE Advising & Enrollment Management can be reached at (325)481-8300, ext. 3323 or

Luis Martinez, District Director of Veteran’s Affairs, ADA Coordinator can be reached at (325)481-8300, ext. 3254, or  

For specific information on program admissions or requirements contact:  

Debra Sartain, Assistant to Health Professions Dean and Program Chairs at (325)481-8371, ext. 3435, or at

Emergency Medical Services: Travis Hunter, (325)481-8371, ext. 3439, or

Medical Assistant: Gina Brown, (325)481- 8300, ext. 3438, or

Licensed Vocational Nursing: Faleasha Moutry, (325)481-8371, ext. 3445, or  

Generic Nursing (RN) or Transitional Nursing: Dr. Marnita Guinn, (325)481-8371, ext. 3428, or 

Radiologic Technology: Julie Book, (325)481- 8371, ext. 3433, or

Respiratory Care: Lauri Kirgis, (325)481-8371, ext. 3431, or

Surgical Technology: Carah Dunagan, (325)481-8371, ext. 3432, or  

Dental Hygiene: Marcia Newton, (432) 264-5065, or