A New Type of Story – Making Dreams Real

December 1st, 2018 will be 6 months since the launch of the new Howard College website. When I started this journey there were many discussions and meetings about what to keep and what to retire from the old site. One of the sections that had become a little… stale, was titled “Student Spotlight”.  Although the section included several stories that were, as individuals, newsworthy and inspirational, the section as a whole had become kind of expected and in desperate need of new life. What do we do with that though? We discussed it several times and had many new ideas. Make it fresh – handpick stories that inspire or motivate – don’t make it a scheduled event (don’t write the story because it’s January, for example, and your name is on the list).  As the June 1st launch date of the new website approached we had not reached a final course for these stories. We decided to table the topic until a later date. After 6 months we are finally ready to bring back the new version of this area. With new energy, new students, and in some places, new staff, we are ready to put a new spin on these stories.

As I talked with various people around the different campuses I learned from each of them how many amazing things are happening at Howard College. Every campus in each of the local communities we serve has the expected feel of a small tight-knit community college with undertones of the Howard College history and culture. But each one is, in its own way, finding opportunities to uniquely meet the needs of its own local students and community. It’s these programs and initiatives that make Howard College unique. It is within these experiences that we see the spotlight stories of achievement and success begin to develop. When the individual moves along their path to the point where the experience as a whole can be looked at and told, we will try to summarize it in a neat few paragraphs that will hopefully inspire others.

This is not going to be a quick summary of what happened last week. It won’t be the stats or specs of a program or team. This section is reserved for stories of people who have passed through these halls and found a way to make their dreams real.  We are looking for journeys of overcoming personal obstacles and struggles. We’re looking for the exceptional – out of the ordinary – inspiring stories to share.
We would like to share these stories to help inspire other students to keep working hard. These stories help us pause to recognize and reflect on the amazing and inspiring things that happen around us every day.
If you read this and someone you know comes to mind, please send us an email. Include their name, how to reach them, and why their story is unique. Send your message to one of our team members and we will take each entry into serious consideration. Stay tuned for future stories of Making Dreams Real

Mick Sudano –
District Webmaster and Graphic Designer

Our Team
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