New Coliseum Sign Will Improve Awareness and Communication

If you live around the area, you’ve probably noticed the large sign that lights up the neighborhood had temporarily gone dark. Thanks to the Dora Roberts Foundation, who last year funded a new sign for our Coliseum, Howard College replaced the main electronic message board outside the building on the corner of Birdwell Lane and Kentucky Way. It was last replaced in the ‘90s, so its main upgrade is the resolution and size. The new sign is capable of displaying higher quality graphics and will have some smart features such as the ability to reduce brightness at night to make it easier on the eyes for local homes and drivers. The project was finished in February, 2020. We’ll be using the sign to communicate events both in the Coliseum and on campus that are open to the public. Photos of both the old and new signs can be found below.

Aeryn Hamblin – Student Diplomat and Writer

New sign completed in Feb 2020
Previous sign from 1990's

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