Registration for Spring 2024 is Happening Now!

Registration opened for all Spring courses on Nov. 14th! This includes 16-Week and 8-Week  courses as well as the Spring Mini term. Make an appointment with your advisor, spots will fill up fast! 

Deadlines for Spring Registration:

  • Spring 16-Week Courses: December 4th
  • Spring 1st 8-Weeks: December 4th
  • Spring 2nd 8-Weeks: March 4th
  • Spring Mini: May 6th

Cre8 Your Future at Howard College!

There’s an exciting change happening at Howard College! We’re moving to a course schedule comprised mostly of 8-week classes beginning Fall 2023 for the Big Spring, Lamesa, and San Angelo campuses. This means students will take fewer courses covering an 8-week term rather than more courses covering a 16-week term. Courses will move at a fast pace, but students will have fewer things to focus on at once. We are committed to supporting students through this change and we can’t wait to help you Cre8 Your Future at Howard College!

Most Howard College classes are transitioning to an 8-week schedule. 
Find out how this could change things for you!

How to Get Started

Ready to get started? Great! If you are a current student, meet with your advisor about your individual degree plan prior to registering for classes. Use the EAB Navigate App to schedule time with your Advisor! 

If you are not yet part of the Hawk Family, just reach out to our enrollment team. We’re excited to help you become a Future Hawk and we can help you with a plan to Cre8 Your Future at Howard College!

Information for 8-Week Classes

Everyone’s academic plan is different and students should schedule an appointment with their advisor to discuss details about their individual degree plan prior to registering for classes. Use the EAB Navigate App to schedule time with your Advisor! Not a student yet? No problem! Answer a couple of quick questions and we’ll reach out.

Most of our classes are moving to this format but not all classes. There are several Health Professions and Career Technical Education programs that we are leaving in the 16 week format. There may also be some internship classes, upper level math courses and practicum courses that stay as well.

Yes, for Big Spring, Lamesa, and San Angelo students. SouthWest College for the Deaf will be doing things a little differently. 

Financial aid is still available for students as before, however, there will be some slight changes. Information sessions will be scheduled for students to ask questions and financial aid representatives will be present. Students can also check with their advisors to discuss details. 

TSI requirements will remain the same.

We are still an open admission campus but this schedule change provides students more opportunities to start classes.

No, our majors and degree plans are not changing. The same classes must be taken to complete your degree. What might change is the order in which you take the classes and the amount of time you spend working on each class. 

Students will be encouraged to register for both 8-week periods at the beginning of the long semester.

Instructors have been closely reviewing and reevaluating the course outcomes for every course we are offering in the 8 week model. They are working backwards to rebuild their courses really focusing on these outcomes. They are trimming inessential content and creating assignments that build upon each other to streamline the reinforcement of concepts.   The homework load should be very similar to a traditional 16 week semester, but students are working on homework for fewer classes at a time.