Partee Residence Hall
Friendly Space
Safety and comfort are clearly the focus. Each dorm has a live-in staff member, video surveillance and a private safe only for you.
Dorms are updated to a modern look with common areas for socializing after class.
The Men's dorm is located in easy access of Athletics facilities

Dorm Facilities

Dryers lined up in a stack


Private laundry room for students

Food line at the Big Spring Cafeteria



For hours and menus visit the dining page
Dining Page
Computer room in mens dorm

Study Space

Common space computer access and WiFi in the rooms

Pool table in Men's Dorm

Student Life

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2 Beds per Room

  • 2 Students share a room and 2 rooms share a bathroom.
  • Each room is approximately 15′ x 20′.
  • Beds, closets and desks are built in.
  • Each closet is equipped with a secure safe for each student. 

Floor plans coming soon


  • Wireless Internet access 
  • Community TV areas and lounge/recreation areas
  • In-building laundry facilities at no charge for residents
  • Vending machines
  • Air-conditioning throughout building and rooms
  • Secure monitored building access
  • Security cameras in common areas, hallways, and building exterior
  • 24-hour staffing and on-site, on-call coverage
  • Walking access to Campus buildings, Hawk’s Nest Cafe, and Athletic Facilities

Shopping for your student? Here are a few of the frequently asked questions. 

Once your housing application is approved, you will be given the contact information of your assigned roomate. You can communicate with your roomate about decorating purchases so you don’t end up buying the same items. 

  • What size bedding do I need?
    • Twin or Twin-XL will fit the beds.
  • Can I have a lighted candle (like a “Scentsy Diffuser”)?
    • Yes but flame candles are not allowed.
  • What about a desk chair?
    • Each room has a chair but if you prefer, you can provide your own chair for the desk. Standard sizes will fit, large executive chairs may not fit underneath the desk.
  • Are rugs needed?
    • The floors are tile and you are welcome to bring a rug if you want. 5’x7′ will be the largest you can fit. 3’x5′ would be ideal.
  • Can I have a fridge?
    • Small refrigerators are allowed (not to exceed 6 4.3 cubic feet in size)

With little creativity and a little effort, you can quickly and inexpensively transform your room into “your space” a “home away from home”. We encourage you to personalize your room however you like. While you may decorate the inside of your room to suit your taste, the outside of your door and window(s) are considered available to public and must be appropriate.


Certain types of electrical appliances are permitted in the residence hall rooms provided they carry the Underwriters Laboratories approval on both the appliance and the cord; they do not cause disruption to the electrical circuits by overloading, shorting, or creating line disturbances; and they do not disturb other residents.

Approved items include stereos, alarm clocks, radios, televisions, irons, hair dryers, heating pads, fans, small refrigerators (not to exceed 6 4.3 cubic feet in size), and electric blankets. Except for coffee pots, crock-pots, and popcorn poppers with self-contained heating units, cooking appliances are not allowed. Two large appliances (microwave and refrigerator) will be allowed per room (four per suite). The residence hall directors must approve all appliances.

A Howard College Residence Hall application along with $100.00 room deposit must be submitted to the Dean of Student Services Office or the Residence Hall Director before a room reservation is made. It is not applied toward room and board payments. This deposit must be maintained in your account at all times, and damages/fines may not be charged against it unless you are leaving the residence hall. Each student resident must sign a Room and Board Housing Contract prior to moving into the residence halls. The contract will outline the cost of living in the residence halls. Charges are based on an academic contract approximately 9 months and do not cover official holidays shown on the college calendar.

Returning students have the option of selecting roommates and rooms before the end of the year. All efforts will be made to honor roommate requests, and the Residence Hall Directors will place residents based on information from the coach, advisor, and/or sponsor (if applicable) and from information indicated by the student on the housing applications when no roommate preference has been listed. No resident will room alone unless there are odd numbers and/or the resident wants to pay double the room cost and space is available. 

In the event Turner Hall reaches maximum capacity and results in an overflow situation the following will occur: Female students will be placed in a separate, secure, all female overflow wing located at the Partee Residential Complex. As space opens up in Turner Hall during an overflow situation, students will be moved from Partee Complex back to Turner Hall. 

Residence Hall Directors live in the residence halls and are available to assist students. The RHDs will enforce college policies, monitor the conditions of the residence halls, and carryout intermediate discipline when necessary. RHDs will let the residents know the hours they are “on duty” and will provide a telephone number where they can be reached after hours for emergency situations only. Students are encouraged to contact the supervisors for any concerns or needs. The supervisors will help or will refer the situation to appropriate personnel. 

Resident Assistants are students who live in the residence halls and are available to assist students. RAs are responsible for monitoring the desk during visiting hours, monitoring noise levels during quiet hours, and passing along information to residents. There is one RA assigned to each hall in their respective dorm. Students interested in becoming a RA should contact their Residence Hall Director. 

Residents must check with the Howard College mailroom located in the Student Union Building as soon as possible to activate your mailbox. The mailroom is open from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on Fridays. Upon checking with the mailroom staff you will be provided with your mailbox number and combination. All dorm students are required to have a mailbox in the campus mailroom.