New Student Frequently Asked Questions

For questions regarding FAFSA or financial aid, you may contact Jessica Mason, Financial Aid Advisor, at (432) 218-4182 VP/V or  

Although the priority deadline for fall is July 1, we recommend you to complete the 2018-2019 FAFSA and turn in any required paperwork as soon as possible. Information received after the deadline may not be processed in time for registration.

Students must contact the Financial Aid Office to ensure that all files/information are on file in the Financial Aid Office regardless of grant eligibility.

In order to be eligible for financial assistance, you must first complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is available online at There is no cost to submit the FAFSA. It must be renewed every year. The FAFSA school code for SWCID/HC is 003574.

Students may not change their majors after registration and may change majors only after the semester ends or before the upcoming semester begins. Prior to registration, students must see their academic advisors, and then notify the Office of Enrollment Services at SWCID about changing their majors.

Students have access to view their account statement through Campus Connect under their MyHC account. Tuition, fees, and room and board are due at registration. Students have the option to participate in a payment plan which requires 50% of tuition and fees to be paid when the contract is started. There is also a similar payment plan for those who do not have full financing for their room and board as well. Each payment plan requires a $25.00 enrollment fee. Payment plans are done through Campus Connect. Refer to the payment plan pamphlet for more information. Students must sign up for the payment plan or pay in full by January 7, 2019. Students who have not paid their tuition in full or have not signed up for a payment plan may be dropped from all courses at that time.

On new student registration day (January 9 and 10, 2019), you will receive a printed class schedule, statement and book list. You must send all of them to your VR/TWC-VR immediately. The purchase orders (payments) from VR/TWC-VR need to be sent to Howard College Business Office, 1001 Birdwell Lane, Big Spring, TX, 79720 or via fax: 432-264-5133. Their phone number is 432-264-5035, if you have questions.

Printed purchase orders for books must either be mailed to Howard College Bookstore, 1001 Birdwell Lane, Big Spring, TX, 79720 or scanned purchase orders be emailed to or The Bookstore phone numbers are 432-264-5050 and 432-264-5199, if you have questions.

A tool kit is a set of tools required for certain majors. This is a one-time charge (if self-pay, sales tax will be applied) when the student enrolls in the major that requires a tool kit. The following majors require a tool kit: Automotive Maintenance Technician (AUMT), Building Construction Maintenance Technology (BCMT), and Welding (WLDG). Contact Academic Affairs Office at 432-264-3775 V or 432-218-4252 VP or for more information.

SWCID New Student Registration will take place on January 9, 2019 from 1 p.m. – 5 p.m. at the SWCID campus. After new students complete the assessments for class placement, they will receive assistance from their academic advisors with their registration for classes on January 9, 2019.

All new incoming students whose first language is not English and who have not been otherwise exempted from placement testing will receive an ESOL Waiver (TAC Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 4C Rule 4.54) exempting them from the TSIA in English. They will take the Math TSIA for math placement and the TABE test for Reading and Writing placement. These scores will be used for initial placement in the appropriate developmental education or ESOL program.

Exemption from TSIA testing only applies for Level 1 Certificate program courses. Effective August 26, 2013, all students entering degree programs will be tested for TSI purposes (they must test on the TSIA) unless receiving an ESOL waiver.

Effective October 1, 2013, TEC 51.9192 (Texas law) requires all students under age 22 entering an institution of higher education to provide current proof of vaccination against bacterial meningitis (an immunization given within 5 years of the date of intended enrollment) or meet certain requirements for declining such a vaccination. New students who have not provided documentation of vaccination will have a hold placed on their account. Students with a hold will not be allowed to register for classes or enter SWCID campus. The hold will be removed once the appropriate immunization documentation has been provided to SWCID/HC.

In accordance with the TEC 51.306 and 51.403, SWCID/HC will assess and correctly place undergraduate students entering our institution. Students who do not have college-level skills in reading, writing, or math, as determined by initial testing, will be placed in a developmental education program or ESOL program to improve any skill areas that are found deficient. The minimum passing standards and testing exemptions can be found at:

All new incoming Deaf students who have not been otherwise exempted (above) will receive an ESOL Waiver (TAC Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 4C Rule 4.54) exempting them from the TSIA in English. They will take the Math TSIA for math placement and the TABE test for Reading and Writing placement.

The Director of Outreach / SWCID will notify the new students on January 6th, 2019 of their TSI status. New incoming students requiring testing will take placement tests on January 6 and 7, 2019. TSIA is only available in Texas. Students who have taken TSIA at another location within the past year may submit the scores to SWCID Enrollment Services. The placement testing fee is $36.00 and $12/section for any retest. Degree seeking students will take the English TSIA during their second long semester. The cost for this required test is $24.00. If you are attending New Student Orientation (NSO), the testing fee is included in the NSO fee.

When the students’ scores and their new class schedules are on file in their Academic Advisors’ offices, they will be able to register for classes.

Depending on the availability of vehicles and drivers, SWCID may be able to provide free transportation for first-year students coming from Midland International Airport at the beginning of the semester. If transportation cannot be provided, please contact TRAX. The TRAX’s phone number is (800) 245-9028. TRAX is open 24/7. Please call at least 24 hours ahead of time for any trip (local trips included). A one-way trip to or from airport to SWCID is less than $12.00. First-year students may contact Jonython Mason at (405) 250-2137 (Text) or and provide the following information: your name, flight number, airline and the date and time you will be arriving. Be sure to let John Green, NSO Coordinator, and Jonython Mason, Coordinator of Residence Education, know of your flight itinerary or bus schedule by sending an email to and

If you have a disability and require specific accommodations to complete the placement exams or TSI requirements, please contact the SWCID ADA Coordinator to discuss your needs. Reasonable testing accommodations are provided to allow students with documented disabilities an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. Students who need testing accommodations must submit documentation of their disability to the SWCID ADA Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the

scheduled testing date for review. Please contact Jim Walterhouse, SWCID ADA Coordinator, at (432) 242-4290 VP/V or to request testing accommodations.

Since SWCID is a school for the deaf and hearing-impaired, all classes on our campus are taught by teachers that are proficient in ASL. If a student needs to take a class at the Howard College location, ASL interpreters and note-takers are provided. For those accommodations, no additional documentation is necessary.

For all other disabilities that require accommodations, including academic, residential, mobility, visual, or dietary accommodations, you will need documentation of the disability. The documentation needs to be submitted to Jim Walterhouse, SWCID ADA Coordinator. It is best to contact the ADA Coordinator as soon as possible in order to assure that you receive the necessary accommodations. You may contact Jim at or at (432) 242-4290 VP/V.

Special notice regarding service animal accommodations: If you have a service dog you wish to bring with you to campus, please contact Jim Walterhouse, SWCID Coordinator, at (432) 242-4290 V/VP or e-mail as soon as possible to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Jim Walterhouse is the Foster Care Liaison for the SWCID campus. If you qualify for assistance, please contact Jim Walterhouse at or at (432) 242-4290 VP/V.

Jim Walterhouse is the full-time counselor for SWCID. Jim is a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and has over 30 years of experience as a counselor. Jim is deaf and uses ASL but can also communicate orally for those who prefer it. The counseling office is in the Maddux Student Center. The hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Friday (Office is closed for lunch from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.). Drop-ins are welcomed (as time permits), but for the best service an appointment is preferred. To schedule an appointment please call Jim at (432) 242-4290 V/VP or e-mail

The first day of classes for the Spring 2019 semester is January 14th, 2019.