At Howard College, we believe sound emotional health to be an integral part of a student’s ability to succeed in college.  As such, counseling services are provided to assist students who need help addressing issues that might interfere with their academic progress.  Personal counseling is confidential and services are free to current students on a short-term basis.  It is the role of counseling staff to support and assist students in facing the emotional challenges that often accompany the college experience.  Common issues for which students seek counseling include stress, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol problems, self-esteem, relationship issues, grief, family concerns and more. 

Short-term personal counseling is time-limited and solution focused.  Most students benefit from an average of six sessions.  Should long-term therapy be needed, the counselor will help make the appropriate referrals to human service organizations and/or mental health providers in the area.

Academic related counseling

In addition to personal counseling services, counseling and advising staff are available to help students learn coping skills and better ways to achieve academic success through:

  • Developing effective study habits
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Minimizing test anxiety
  • Improving time management
  • Fostering critical and independent thinking 

Crisis intervention

Counseling services are available during normal business hours.  Should you experience a mental health emergency outside normal hours of operation, please call 911. 

Additional numbers for crisis situations include:

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact the specific campus representative. 

Big Spring

The Advising/Career Center

Old Main (Check in at the Reception Area)
Phone: (432) 264-5020

San Angelo

Lanna Hubbard at (325) 481-8300 ext. 3307 or email her at

Free & Confidential Counseling*

* Students must be qualified to begin services.  To qualify for on campus counseling services a student must be

  1. currently enrolled at the time of services 
  2. not currently receiving counseling services from another mental health professional
  3. requested services must fall within the scope of practice of an academically-based counseling center. All students are eligible for initial consultation, those who are not qualified for services for whatever reason will be given referral information to resources in the community

Counseling Services Offered:

  • Personal Counseling
    • Counseling is a collaborative process between you and a counselor to work on areas of dissatisfaction in your life and assist you with life goals. For counseling to be most effective, it is important that you take an active role in the process. Counseling refers to a supportive and guiding relationship with a professional practitioner who has undergone extensive training and personal exploration to understand the dynamics of human experience and psychological development. There are many different definitions and philosophies of counseling and your therapist will offer their own unique approach to treatment in unison with your goals, desires and preferences.


  • Career Counseling
    • Career counseling is a collaborative process between you and a counselor to encourage students to explore career path possibilities, enhance self-discovery, and further develop their own individual concept and understanding of self-identity. Career Counselors work individually with each student to help identify strengths, gifts, talents, values, personality traits, and skills as they relate to making lifelong career and personal life decisions. Career Counseling proactively promotes success for each student. 

Other Mental Health Resources

  • Tom Green County Sheriff’s Office: 325-655-8111
  • San Angelo Police Department: 325-481-2696
  • MHMR Crises Line: 325-486-9292 24 hours a day
  • Crisis Intervention Unit: 325-658-3921
  • ASU Helpline at 325-486-6345. Help is available 24/7. 

MHMR Services for the Concho Valley

  • 1501 W. Beauregard Ave.: 325-658-7750
  • 424 S. Oakes St.:  325-653-5933
  • 244 N. Magdalen St.: 325-658-7750
  • MHMR Respite: 325-481-4382
  • La Esperanza Health and Dental Centers: 325-658-5339

Local Facilities

  • Rivercrest Hospital-1636 Hunters Glenn: 325-949-5722
  • Shannon Behavioral-2018 Pulliam Street: 325-659-7300
  • Shannon Hospital-120 East Harris Street: 325-653-6741
  • Community Hospital-3501 Knickerbocker Road: 325-949-9511