Rental Textbook Return Options

books on grey background with text bookstore return options

Rental Returns easy as 1-2-3. Option 1 – Return books early to the bookstore.  Option 2 –Purchase a shipping label online or at the bookstore for $6.99.  Option 3-Buy $20.00 in merchandise and get the label FREE.

We will charge $6.99 for the prepaid label.  Labels can be purchased online or in the bookstore.    Additionally, we are offering free labels with any  purchase of $20 or more.  This promotion will occur automatically online with the entry of promo code ‘freeship’.   

You’ve got enough on your mind – so we’re here to help! If you ‘re finished with your books, we are ready to accept rentals back and buy back your books BEFORE you leave campus so you have some money in hand!

Wait …need to take your books home to study? We’re going to help you there too!  Just pop-in or go online before you leave and do your last minute shopping ($20+), and we’ll give you a prepaid label to ship your books back to us for FREE! Contact us if you have questions.

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