F. Marie Hall

The Hall Center for the Arts is an educational building designed for performing arts, including art, music, dance, drama, as well as student and civic activities and events.

The Hall family, and more specifically F. Marie Hall, well known for her philanthropic activities in West Texas and specifically to educational institutions, has made many contributions in honor of those who have a special place in her life.  Therefore it is no accident that the namesake performing venues in Hall Center for the Arts carry the name of her father, Dr. Granville T. Hall and her mother, Florence T. Hall. 

The Center is home to three performing arenas and is designed to develop student interest and appreciation for the world of fine arts.

In addition, the Hall Center for the Arts focuses on educational activities and events including film, lectures, town hall meetings, art exhibits and training.  The Center is used in a public way to showcase art forms to the community while also hosting other appropriate events such as conferences, community wide speakers and lectures to broaden knowledge and encourage innovation.


The Iste

A special addition to the Hall Center is “The ISTE,” a labyrinth located on the south side of the building.  The labyrinth, a walking meditation device with a single winding path from the edge to the center, will serve as a tool which can help to reduce stress, guide healing, deepen self-knowledge or enhance creativity which makes it a perfect fit with the arts center.

The Iste is designed to give walkers a right brain activity experience to enhance creativity, intuition and imagination.  Labyrinths have gained in popularity and Howard College is proud to add another outlet for personal growth, self-exploration and a sense of community.