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Classes for Lifelong Learners

The Howard College Legacy series provides personal enrichment courses to anyone interested in gaining knowledge and experience. These single sessions cover a wide variety of topics including the arts, finance, home repair, technology, and physical fitness—something for everyone! Past courses have included Astronomy, 3D Printing, Star Wars, genealogy, music, photography, and magic. At the low cost of $5 per class, these courses are a great way to learn something new from qualified instructors. Registration is fast and easy, but space may be limited in some courses.  

If you have any questions about the Legacy Series, please contact Margo Mitchell at mmitchell@howardcollege.edu or call (432) 264-5125.

These courses occur in the Spring. The list below includes the courses offered Spring 2018. Similar courses are typically offered each year. If you see something that interests you there is a good chance it will be offered again.

Swing Dance

These basic dances will be covered in this introduction to Country Western Dance. Texas Two-Step, Swing, and Line Dances.


Designed for beginner to skilled sky-watchers, you will learn the basic functions of a telescope and how to find structures in space.

Micro Drone Building

If you have ever wanted to learn how to build your own hobby-style microdrone, HERE is your chance!

`This Is Sparta': The True Story of 300

Learn the real history of the popular 2007 film 300, a fictionalized account of the Spartans fighting the Persians in the battle of Thermopylae

Genetics & Epigenetics

Using a mix of hands-on activities and descriptive lecture, we'll discuss what genetics and epigenetics mean, why they are relevant to every human, and where the science is going in the future.

Magic You Can Do!

Amaze your friends with easy-to-learn magic tricks using everyday items like cards, rubber bands and money. Participants will even get some free tricks to take home!

Practical Pinterest: DIY Design Projects For Your Home

Create unique, personalized décor for your home or office. Participants will create easy projects to take home.

The Lone Stranger: The Mythic Western Film Hero

In Part two of this examination of the Western film, we’ll discover the other western heroes who inherited the mantle of “Lone Stranger” after Duke Wayne. We’ll also examine the continuing influence of the classic western, and Wayne, since Wayne's death.

Web Page Design (I & II)

This class focuses on the fundamentals of designing and building your own web page using a simple, web-based, web page builder. You will build a website using resources supplied by instructor.
2/10 & 2/17

Economics Is Life

Every day, the decisions we make - and those made for us - have consequences. There is power in choice when we recognize our choices have "secondary effects" and opportunity costs.

From Nada to Knitter

This workshop is intended for the absolute beginner, covering the basics to get you started on your first project.


Discusses the the development, use, and ranges of application of these powerful, yet simple tools. You will learn how to use a microscope and see examples of microbes and forensics.