Howard College and TechTeach 2+1 Agreement Signed

An agreement was signed February 25 between Howard College and Texas Tech University to begin the TechTeach 2+1 program here in Howard and Dawson County.  Students can attend Howard College for two years, earn an associate degree, and transfer to Texas Tech to finish their bachelor’s degree and teaching certification in one year, without ever having to leave home.  This program is designed as a “grow your own” program with Big Spring, Coahoma, Forsan, and Lamesa ISDs to address the high demand for teachers in these districts. 

According to Texas Tech University College of Education, TechTeach Across Texas is a clinically intensive, competency-based program designed to prepare teachers who will improve the academic achievement of K-12 students.  The accelerated program allows associate degree holders to earn a bachelor’s degree and teaching certification in one calendar year.  If features coursework that translates to practical classroom skills and a yearlong residency in a school district co-teaching alongside a skilled mentor teacher.  The program also involved the use of state-of-the-art digital technology to record, review and improve instruction.

If you would be interested in learning more about the program, please contact Melissa Miller, TechTeach site coordinator via email at, phone 432-264-5079, or visit the webpage Melissa Miller’s office is located in the Old Main building on the Howard College Big Spring Campus in room 106A.

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