Scholarship Program  – Giving the Gift of a Lifetime!

Endowed Scholarships may be named after a family, an individual, a business, or an academic program. Although often used to memorialize an individual, scholarships can be established to celebrate the life or achievements of an individual or to foster the ideas of an organization.

An endowed scholarship is an established fund that, when invested, generates an annual scholarship award from the interest income.  This is a permanent scholarship and the donor may name the scholarship as well as set limited criteria for eligibility.  Following are examples of endowment amounts and the annual award which would be generated from the fund.

Amount Interest Award
 $5,000.00 @4.45%=$225.00
$10,000.00 @4.45%=$500.00
$20,000.00 @4.45%=$1,000.00

Students cost for tuition, fees, and books for one year is approximately $1,700.00. Costs vary according to courses of study and hours enrolled per semester. 


  • Adam Andrews Memorial
  • Ag Expo
  • John Bayne Memorial
  • Everett Blackburn
  • Tatia Colvin Memorial
  • ETLD (Ehren Tune & Larry Don Harp)
  • Rob Ethridge Memorial
  • Scott & Ginger Griffin Memorial
  • W. B. Hardy Memorial
  • Alice B. Haynes Memorial
  • Troy M. Hogue Law Enforcement
  • Johnny Johansen Memorial
  • Guion Poole Keating Memorial
  • Wendell Lawrence Memorial
  • Red & Robbie Lewis Memorial
  • Polly Mays Memorial
  • Albert & Katherine McNallen
  • J.D. & Mattie Miller Memorial
  • Diana Currie Nichols Memorial
  • Adrian & Mary Randle
  • Zula Rhodes 4-H
  • John Stowers Memorial
  • Ann Garrett Turner Memorial

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, head to Financial Aid Resources.