Scholarship Program – Giving the Gift of a Lifetime!

Scholarships may be named after a family, an individual, a business, or an academic program. Although often used to memorialize an individual, scholarships can be established to celebrate the life or achievements of an individual or to foster the ideas of an organization.

An endowed scholarship is an established fund that, when invested, generates an annual scholarship award from the interest income.  This is a permanent scholarship in which the endowed amount is protected and only the excess funds are distributed. The donor may name the scholarship as well as set limited criteria for eligibility.  Endowment amounts and the annual awards which are generated from the funds are based on market trends.

Several Howard College scholarships are non-endowed which enables the whole gift to be distributed.

Below is the cost of attendance for Howard College/SWCD full-time students for one year for tuition and fees. Costs vary according to courses of study and hours enrolled per semester.

To see a list of scholarships and/or to apply, head to Financial Aid Resources

Attendance TypeBig SpringSan AngeloSWCD
In District$2158$2598$2158
Out of District$3298$3798$3298
Non-Resident / International$4496$4906$4496