Dr. Cheryl Sparks - President
Hall of Honor
Located at the Dorothy Garrett Coliseum , a tribute to the individuals and organizations that have made Silver, Golden and/or Diamond Tier contributions to Howard College and Howard College Foundation.  For more information or to learn more about Silver, Golden and/or Diamond Tier giving, please contact Mrs. Julie Bailey.

Julie Bailey
(432) 264-5051

($25,000 – $100,000)

Dora Roberts Foundation

Marie Hall

Dorothy Garrett

Big Spring Chicano Golf Association

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Barber

W.B. Hardy, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. R.B.G. Cowper

J.D. and Mattie Miller

Wendell Lawrence

Florence Read

Guion P. Keating Estate (Reba Baker)

Permian Honor Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Davis

Sid Peterson Hospital

Big Spring Area Chamber of Commerce

Headstart Scholarship

Albert and Katherine McNallen

Jerry & Dr. Louise Worthy

C.D. & Ruby Helen Turner

Dr. P.W. Malone

G.C. & Jean Broughton

Virginia Gray

Margo Glickman

Mike & Sheila Abusaab

Myra Robinson

M.S. and Meek Lane Doss

J.T. & Dorothy Clement

Elbert & Monohn Long

($15,000 – $25,000)

Caldwell Electric

Woodman of the World

Cosden Oil & Chemical

John Bayne

Jack Lewis Buick and Cadillac

Houston Livestock Scholarship

Zula Rhodes 4-H and Ag Scholarship

Anthony & Pauline Hunt

Adrian & Mary Randle

($10,000 – $15,000)

Dr. and Mrs. R.B.G. Cowper

Sonora I.S.D. Scholarship

D.L. Dorland

V.A. Hospital – Kerrville, Texas

V.A. Hospital – Big Spring, Texas

Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Dunagan

Movelda Rhine Memorial Scholarship

Hill Country Hospital Scholarship

Polly Mays

City of Big Spring Scholarship