You have completed the requirements that qualify you to receive an Associate’s Degree or Certificate from Howard College/SWCD.   As a result of your hard work and dedication, you are eligible to receive your diploma or certificate.

In order to complete the process, we need some information from you. Please indicate your choices in the section below.

For student loan borrowers: It is your responsibility to complete Exit Counseling online prior to the separation from Howard College / SWCD. To complete exit counseling, please visit

A hold on your transcript will be placed until Exit counseling is completed. Once graduated, your enrollment status will be reported to the Department of Education as ‘graduated’ within 30 days of the graduation date. It is your responsibility to contact their loan servicer for the repayment of student loans.

For more information about the repayment of student loans, please visit:

If you have questions about graduation or need to speak to the Registrar, please contact The Registrar’s Office at or (432) 264-5072