Broughton Foundation Continues to Invest in the College and Community

‘Tis a season of thanks and Howard College is grateful to the G.C. Broughton, Jr. Foundation (the Foundation) for their most recent donation of $80,000 to provide computer lab updates in the joint Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) and Dental Hygiene Program lab and some new patient chairs for the Dental Hygiene department. 

            “We are so thankful for partners such as the G.C. Broughton, Jr. Foundation that are devoted to improving things for our students,” said Dr. Cheryl T. Sparks, President. “They continue to invest in our students, our college, and our community and their generosity goes a long way in helping our students reach their potential.”

            Additionally, the Foundation, along with the Maria Hoag Estate, donated funds for an Anthony Hunt Library renovation on the Big Spring campus several years ago. This project is ready to commence and will get underway in the coming months. 

The Foundation has been a big part of helping the college and students recover from the pandemic through their ongoing financial support. Most recently, the Foundation provided scholarships for nursing students to cover tuition, fees, and books and they also provide other scholarship funds for students outside of the nursing program.

The ag program has also been the beneficiary of the Foundation through the donation that built the G.C. Broughton, Jr. Ag Complex. 

            “Howard College is always grateful for donors who work with us to support our students,” said Sparks. “We want to make sure they have cutting edge equipment in programs, spaces that are conducive to learning, and financial support for scholarships.”

The G.C. Broughton, Jr. Foundation is a longtime friend and partner of the college, having provided donations for the various projects that encompass these areas. 

G.C. Broughton, Jr. was born and raised in Howard County and led a life dedicated to the agriculture industry. He also served as a member of the Howard College Foundation Board. In 1983, he established his foundation to continue service to the Howard County community. 

Following his death in 2001, his widow, Jean Broughton-Powell, has carried out his original mission while expanding the reach to other areas of interest which includes support of the healthcare industry as well. Joining her on the board is Jim Weaver, john Grant, Dr. John Marshall and Clif Talbot.

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